GUM Sunstar Subscription Range

GUM® SensiVital® Toothbrush
The GUM® SensiVital® range helps to prevent, and provide relief from, tooth and gum sensitivity.

GUM® Fine Floss
If your teeth are very tightly spaced, we know that flossing can be a bit challenging. But it’s still important to floss every day, as toothbrushing alone only removes around 50% of all plaque.

GUM ActiVital® Mouthrinse
Designed to be used twice daily for at least 30 seconds after brushing your teeth, our multi-functional GUM® ActiVital® Daily Mouthrinse helps keep your mouth healthy today and for the long term.

GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced
These brushes are an ideal starting point for between-teeth cleaning, and a great choice if you have particularly small interdental spaces, bridges, an orthodontic appliance, or fragile gums.

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